<december, 15th 2022>

Enjoy robotics application development with ACROBA platform.

University of Deusto

Bilbao – SPAIN

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The University of DEUSTO (Bilbao, Spain) took the first crack at organising ahackathon by ACROBA on 15 december 2022. Twenty-four students took on the challenge to develop new robotics skills using the ACROBA platform.

If you want to know more and discover the video of the event , click on here !


Join the University of Deusto Hackathon

Your Challenge


• Prove the ease of development of new skills inside the ACROBA platform.

• Build a community around the ACROBA solution.

• Debug the modules of the platform.

<Evaluation criteria>

• Technical complexity.

• Solution originality.

• Software quality.

• Environment complexity (simulation/sim to real/only real).

<Prize Pool>

The winning team of each hackathon will earn a prize (1’500 EUR worth).

In addition, the winning team will be invited to the Final Hackathon that will take place early 2024 in Nantes, France.


A team of experts

Jury members

Dr. Ignacio Angulo

University of Deusto, Head of Computers, Electronic and Communication Technologies Department

Ignacio Fidalgo

University of Deusto, Robotics Lecturer and Researcher

Marko Ojer

Vicomtech, Robotics Researcher

From december 12 to 15, 2022


DAY 1 (12-14 December)

Presentation of the Hackaton and challenge description.

Team formation.

Work on the challenge in teams

DAY 2 (15 december)

Presentation of results by the teams and selection of the winner.

Any questions ?

Do you still have doubts or questions about the course of a hackathon? You can consult our faq in which you will surely find the desired answers or write to us via the contact form.