Scientific publications

In this page you will find the scientific publications related to the ACROBA project published by the project partners


• Ontology Enabled Skill Based Robot Task Model and Notation (RTMN) for Modeling and Programming Robotic Processes, presented at RAAI 2022 [in process of publishing]

Simulation based initial feasibility analysis pipeline for small-sized part picking, presented at CEIG 2022

Behavior Trees based Flexible Task Planner Built on ROS2 Framework, presented at ETFA 2022

On the creation of a robotics software architecture for AI-based advanced applications, presented at ETFA 2022

• A method for multi-robot arm system implementation using the ROS framework, presented at ICMECE 2022 [in process of publishing]

Computational ethology-based human behaviour modelling: first investigation for Human-Robot Collaboration, presented at TESConf2022