Feb 5, 2021

Members of the ACROBA consortium, the 4th February 2021, during the kick-off meeting online.

The newly started ACROBA (AI-Driven Cognitive Robotic Platform for Agile Production environments) project addresses the challenges of developing and demonstrating a novel concept of cognitive robotic platforms based on a modular approach able to be smoothly adapted to virtually any industrial scenario applying agile manufacturing principles. At the project’s kick-off meeting held on the 4th February 2021 in Bern (Switzerland) participants discussed how this goal could be achieved.

ACROBA brings together one large company (CABKA), seven SMEs (ICPE, IKOR, MOSES, MrNEC, NUTAI, STAM, SteriPack), five research centers (BIBA, Fundacion AITIIP, SIGMA Clermont, Irish Manufacturing Research Company, Vicomtech), two universities (Bern University of Applied Sciences and University of Deusto) and two clusters (EMC2 and Robocoast). The partners are located in 9 European countries and every partner are working in all the areas necessary for the smooth development of the project.

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